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Welcome to Crawley Distributing Inc

Over 50 years in the Slot car Industry

To all my friends in the slot car racing industry:

It is with some sadness that I am announcing today that I am retiring after 50+ years in our industry.

To my clients past and present, I want to thank you for loyalty and business all these years. Without your support we could not have succeeded all these years. I wish all of you luck in the future, I hope this COVID-19 virus subsides so all of you can get back to normal.

To all our suppliers I want to thank you for all you have done, not just for me but the industry as a whole. Keep fighting the good fight.

To my competitors I want to thank all you past and present for doing what is best for our industry. This might surprise some of you but even thought we competed against each other I still can call all of them friends. I believe we all have this hobby best interest at heart.

I was hoping to make this announcement early last year. I have a sale pending for my company for over a year but there were some minor things to be worked out, then the COVID-19 virus hit and slammed the brakes on the process. I hope to get the process going again soon, but I do not want to wait any longer, I am not getting any younger.

Although today, 1 March 2021 is my official retirement date I will still be around for a while, at least until the final sale. I will leave the announcement of the sale to the new owners.

Peter Crawley, President

Crawley Distributing Inc